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Young Adults and up have 5 traits, Teens have 4 traits, Kids have 3 traits, Toddlers have 2 traits. The less traits a Sim has, the less complex that Sim's personality will be. For example, giving a Sim the Kleptomaniac trait only will result in him constantly stealing while giving a Sim 5 traits will result in more balance ******************************************************************************* Earl Smith--------Helena Chukovsky Anders Reinfeldt----Susan Hawkins + + + + + + + + + Lakeisha?(child) + + + + + Freddy Smith(child)------------------------------------Kate Elsa(children) + + + + Alexander Goth?--------Maria Smith unnamed boy? + + Mort Goth? ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Earl Smith: Chef natural cook, heavy sleeper, good sense of humor, great kisser, slob Helena Smith: Law Enforcement ambitious, artistic, athletic, bookworm, family-oriented Anders Reinfeldt: Athletic athletic, romantic, workaholic, excitable, lucky Susan Reinfeldt(Hawkins): Business or homemaker neat, vegetarian, handy, good, no sense of humor Freddy Smith(child): Military natural cook, good, charismatic Lakeisha? Smith(child) good sense of humor, mooch, virtuoso Kate Smith(child)(Reinfeldt): Medical genius, bookworm, computer whiz Elsa Reinfeldt(teen): ??? kleptomaniac, flirty, brave, grumpy ******************************************************************************* Tesfaye(or Mulatu or Dawit or Damtew) Zombo--------Khatira Zombo(Afghan first name) + + + + Cassandra Goth?-------------Luthor Zombo Derek Zombo + + Zombina Zombo? ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Dad Zombo: Musician vegetarian, virtuoso, commitment issues, schmoozer, party animal Khatira Zombo: housewife or journalism unflirty, neat, artistic, frugal, green thumb Luthor Zombo: Politics Derek Zombo: Medical ******************************************************************************* Renato Monella--------------------Eva Monella + + + + Sal(or Salvatore) Monella Giovanni Monella----------------------Lucia Monella + + + + + + Peppino Angelo Anna(or Carmen) ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; all or most crime (maybe some chefs) ******************************************************************************* Julian Battari-----Summer Battari + + + Brian Battari------------Lynn Battari + + + + Nick Battari Cynthia Battari ******************************************************************************* Aaron Hanby------------------Aemelia Hanby(Madden?) + + (do not create until/if Alexander is born)Lucy Hanby?( red hair, dark/tan skin, very clean and tidy, maybe brown eyes)???